I created this page so that I may share my electronics, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Python and Java projects with others. 
A panorama picture of my work area :-)

Most of these projects are dead, no longer have time to work on them as much as before.
I now do some smaller projects that I will not post on the website, but only on YouTube and on GitHub.

2017-08-09 Irrbloss 4G Rover
I have redesigned my Irrbloss 4G Rover, it is bigger and not as top heavy as the old one.
The camera is located slightly behind and quite high up on the rover to get a better view when driving.
This one is also more rigid and stronger.
I use the same control station with some modifications.

2017-04-13 Irrbloss 4G Rover (Beta)
This is the first beta version ... i have a new bigger and better ...
This is my I have built a new rover, the last one (Squidscout) was to big, no fun working on it...
This new rover is small and weighs about 11kg with the batteries.
The base chassis is made from Servocity 6WD Mantis but with larger wheels. And it is reinforced to withstand the weight.
It is controlled by 4G or WiFi from a new control station.
So I can drive everywhere where there is 4G coverage.

2016-05-22 Squidscout
This is my new project Squidscout.
It is a 6wd rover with rocker suspension.
I did not like the skid steering from my last rover so this one can turn the front and rear wheels.

2016-04-25 FPV Squid Rover
My rover with 8 wheels :-)
It is controlled by my FPV Control Station.

2016-04-12 FPV Control Station
Built a new control station for my rover. 
It work with my old rover: FPV Rover but i work on a new rover with 8 wheels and suspension. 

2016-02-27 FPV Rover
I have rebuild my Large Rover to the FPV Rover.
It has a 2.4GHz video transmitter and the video can tilt up/down and right/left.
I also made a remote control to host the screen for the video and the control buttons..

2016-02-08 NRF24 Rover
I wanted a rover with longer range (WIFI is to short).
In this robot the video and control signals is transferred by NRF24L01+.
The video is very low resolution and frame-rate (320x240, about 1 frame a second).
And a also build a remote control with a Raspberry Pi 7" Touchscreen Display

2016-01-27 Mini rover

This is my smallest robot 20x20cm and 9cm hight. 
You can control it via WIFI like the other robots but this also has 8 HC-SR04 distance sensors. 

2016-01-23 Large rover
It is about 50x50cm with 20cm wheels and uses PiBorg Diable DC motor controller.
It has the same control system as the Small Rover but it do not use the internal DC motor controller.

2016-01-14 Small Rover
Control it on a HTML5 webpage via WIFI.
Drag on the right side of the screen with your mouse or your finger to control the movement.
And drag up and down on the left side to tilt the camera.
Double tap on the screen to toggle the light.

2016-01-04 Steelsquid PIIO Board
My expansion board for the Raspberry Pi is finally finish.
The board is 120x100mm and is connected to the Raspberry Pi with a female PIN header and two 18mm spacers.
It has
DAC, ADC, PWM, Buttons, LED, LCD
Accelerometer & GyroServo, DC motor controller and more...

2016-01-03 Steelsquid Kiss OS
New version of Steelsquid Kiss OS (v1.1).
Switch ti Linux kernel 4.1
Super fast boot about 10 seconds.

2015-12-19 New version: Advance example how to use Steelsquid Kiss OS
This is a example project how to use Steelsquid Kiss OS to control a 10 LED bar, two buttons and the built in WEB-server.

  • Press the upper button to light one more LED until all lights.
  • Press the lower button to decrease the number of glowing LEDs.
  • The bottom LED should never be extinguished when you push down button.
  • I also want a simple WEB interface that also can control the LED bar in the same way.
  • And finally all LEDs should illuminate on network connected.
  • And no LED lit on network disconnect.
  • Flash all LEDs when there is a file in the /root directory named flash.
    And then delete that file.
  • Remember number of lit LEDs from last time
  • And a parameter that say if Steelsquid Kiss OS is to enable all this

2015-12-17 Steelsquid Kiss OS
Finally a 1.0 version of Steelsquid Kiss OS.
Super easy to extend functionality...
And also a windows EXE for the synchronization script.

2015-10-25 Alarm/Surveillance
The Steelsquid Kiss OS Alarm/Surveillance functionality. 
Connect different sensors to monitor your house or other thinks.
Now also a
Android app that automatically send arm/disarm to server...

2015-03-13 Clay Target Thrower Remote
Clay target thrower remote that i built for a colleague.

2014-12-25 Extend functionality of Steelsquid Kiss OS
How to develop and extend functionality of the Steelsquid Kiss OS.

  • Get the source code
  • Install Steelsquid KISS OS on the Raspberry PI
  • Automatic upload changes to Steelsquid Kiss OS
  • Add custom files
  • Make stuff execute on boot
  • Subscribe to built-in events
  • Make your own event
  • Built in webserver
  • Socket commands

2014-12-02 Simple examples how to use Steelsquid Kiss OS

  • Raspberry Pi GPIO
  • Combined Power on and Shutdown button
  • Test input (Connect button)
  • Test Output (Connect LED)
  • Connect LCD
  • PiBorg Diable DC motor controller
  • Connect HC-SR04 (Measure distance)
  • 3v3 <-> 5v level converter
  • Connect ADC (Analog To Digital Converter)
  • SparkFun MCP4725 (Digital-to-Analog Convertor)
  • Proto Advantage MCP4728 (Digital-to-Analog Convertor)
  • MCP23017 I2C GPIO Expander
  • Adafruit 16-Channel Servo Driver (PCA9685)
  • Dagu T'Rex Robot/Motor Controller
  • Sabertooth dual 25A motor driver

2014-11-26 Steelsquid Kiss OS
A minimal and optimized version of Raspbian, perfect for your I/O projects.

  • You can easily configure WIFI and other stuff from command line and a web interface.
  • It contains no desktop environment.
  • Easy to extend functionality with python
  • Mount external drives (USB) automatically to /media
  • Mount SSH and windows network drive (smb)
  • Connect to a lot of IO hardware
  • Fast boot, about 10s
  • Low RAM usage (About 45 M)

2014-10-09 4WD Rover
Building a 4WD robot controlled from an Android app. 
Here is a short video, going to write a bit more about it later ...

2014-07-01 Experiment case
Wanted a portable electronics experiment case, So I built one :-)

2014-06-15 Experiment board
This is an experimental board that I built as a birthday gift for my brother.

2013-12-18 Device Monitor
Monitoring and control an old pellet feeder.

2013-01-10 Steelsquidify
A Spotify audio playing device that can be controlled via Bluetooth from your Android phone.
The unit will act as a server so that different Bluetooth devices can connect and control it.
The server part running on Debian Linux. It is written in Python.