I created this page so that I may share my Java, Python, Raspberry PI and Linux projects with others. 
I use them privately and in my work as a systems developer at a company named Know IT Norrland in Sundsvall, Sweden.
Have tried to write some documentation to explain usage of the projects.

My English is not the best, hope you understand. And there are probably lots of spelling errors (I wrote this page rather quickly).
If you have questions you can contact me on steelsquid@gmail.com

New stuff

  • 2014-12-30 Advance example how to use Steelsquid KISS OS
    This is a example project how to use Steelsquid Kiss OS to control a 10 LED bar, two buttons and the built in WEB-server.
    • Press the upper button to light one more LED until all lights.
    • Press the lower button to decrease the number of glowing LEDs.
      The bottom LED should never be extinguished.
    • I also want a simple WEB interface that also can control the LED bar in the same way.
    • To control the LED i want to use a Steelsquid event.
    • And finally all LEDs should illuminate on network connected.
      And only the bottom LED on network disconnect.
  • 2014-12-26 Steelsquid PIIO Board
    Working on a new better cards now ... in a few weeks it is finished ...
    This is a Raspberry PI with a lot of extra GPIO and other stuff.

    • 2 UART serial
    • 16 3.3v GPIO
    • 16 5v GPIO
    • 16 hight power out GPIO
    • 6 USB ports
    • 4 Relay
    • 16 servo motor controller
    • 2 DC motor controller

  • 2014-12-25 Extend functionality of Steelsquid Kiss OS
    How to develop and extend functionality of the Steelsquid KISS OS.
    • Get the source code
    • Install Steelsquid KISS OS on the Raspberry PI
    • Automatic upload changes to Steelsquid Kiss OS
    • Add custom files
    • Make stuff execute on boot
    • Subscribe to built-in events
    • Make your own event
    • Built in webserver
    • Socket commands

  • 2014-12-02 Simple examples how to use Steelsquid KISS OS
    • Raspberry Pi GPIO
    • Connect Power on / Reset Button
    • Connect shutdown Button
    • Combined Power on and Shutdown button
    • Test input (Connect button)
    • Test Output (Connect LED)
    • Connect LCD
    • Connect LCD via I2C
    • PiBorg Diable DC motor controller
    • Connect HC-SR04 (Measure distance)
    • 3v3 <-> 5v level converter
    • Connect ADC (Analog To Digital Converter)
    • SparkFun MCP4725 (Digital-to-Analog Convertor)
    • Proto Advantage MCP4728 (Digital-to-Analog Convertor)
    • MCP23017 I2C GPIO Expander
    • Adafruit 16-Channel Servo Driver (PCA9685)
    • Dagu T'Rex Robot/Motor Controller
    • Sabertooth dual 25A motor driver

  • 2014-10-09 4WD Rover
    Building a 4WD robot controlled from an Android app.
    Here is a short video, going to write a bit more about it later ...

  • 2014-07-01 Experiment case
    Wanted a portable electronics experiment case, So I built one :-)
  • 2014-06-15 Experiment board
    This is an experimental board that I built as a birthday gift for my brother.
  • 2013-12-18 Device Monitor
    Monitoring and control an old pellet feeder.
  • 2013-09-30 Steelsquidify
    A Spotify audio playing device that can be controlled via Bluetooth from your Android phone.

My projects

     Here is a brief description of some of my projects. Hope someone finds them useful.
    • Class Collection
      A collection of classes and methods i think is usefull.
      Below is the name of all base packages, will give you a hint on what the package can do.

    • SSC32-Servo Controller
    • Controll the SSC-32 servo controller in java.

    • Android Utils
      A small collection of classes and methods for Android.
      There is also some stuff from Class Collection.
      Examples of Usage, see Template App.

    • Template App
      This is a template Android app i think is useful when creating new apps.

    • Phone Deploy App
      This app reads an apk file from a url and then ask you to approve the installation (do not think it can be done automatically).
      It also checks periodically if there is a new version to download.
      You may be wondering what on earth this is good for!
      I use it when I develop apps for IOIO (http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10748).
      IOIO is a microcontroller connected to the USB port on an Android phone.
      You are unable to connect IOIO with Android emulator, so I created this app to easily upload and test new versions of my IOIO applications on my phone.

    • Sys Mon App
      Android app that monitor a server and displays it in a widget.
      Server must generate an XML that describes its status.

    • Deli Norr App
      This is an app for a restaurant in Sundsvall called Deli Norr.
      It shows the daily specials in a widget and the week's meals in a window.

    • Tellstick App
      Send command to Telldus Tellstick with your Android phone and controll your electronics & ligth.
      This is a Android App to connect to TellsickServer.

    • Tellstick Controller
      Java interface for the Telldus Tellstick.
      It turns any computer into a wireless home automation center by being the link between your computer and electronics & ligths.
      Can only handle NEXA units now.

    • Tellstick Server
      Web interface for Telldus Tellstick.
      Start a server on your home computer and controll your electronics & ligth.
      You can also connect to it via your Android phone.
      See TellsickApp for the client.

    • Spring Utils
      Some tagger and methods I find useful.
      Is not just Spring related stuff.
      Not so much in this project, just some stuff broken out of SpringTemplate.

    • Spring Template
      Is a template Spring project that i think is useful when create new web projects.
      Can probably help if you want to learn a little Spring Security and hibernate.

    • Ica Banken App
      This app reads account information from ICA Banken (https://mobil.icabanken.se).

    • Gatufesten App
      This is an android app for Sundsvalls Gatufest (http://www.gatufesten.se).

    • Entre App
      This is an android app for Entre Sundsvall

    • Photo Widget App
      This app show pictures from facebook on a widget.