I created this page so that I may share my electronics, Raspberry Pi, Linux, Python and Java projects with others. 
A panorama picture of my work area :-)

Have tried to write some documentation to explain usage of the projects.
If you have any questions, just send me an email steelsquid@gmail.com
My main project now is:
Below is some news about my projects...

2015-10-25 Alarm/Surveillance
The Steelsquid Kiss OS Alarm/Surveillance functionality. 
Connect different sensors to monitor your house or other thinks.
Now also a
Android app that automatically send arm/disarm to server...

2015-03-13 Clay Target Thrower Remote
Clay target thrower remote that i built for a colleague.

2014-12-30 Advance example how to use Steelsquid Kiss OS
This is a example project how to use Steelsquid Kiss OS to control a 10 LED bar, two buttons and the built in WEB-server.

  • Press the upper button to light one more LED until all lights.
  • Press the lower button to decrease the number of glowing LEDs.
  • The bottom LED should never be extinguished.
  • I also want a simple WEB interface that also can control the LED bar in the same way.
  • To control the LED i want to use a Steelsquid event.
  • And finally all LEDs should illuminate on network connected.
  • And only the bottom LED on network disconnect.

2014-12-25 Extend functionality of Steelsquid Kiss OS
How to develop and extend functionality of the Steelsquid Kiss OS.

  • Get the source code
  • Install Steelsquid KISS OS on the Raspberry PI
  • Automatic upload changes to Steelsquid Kiss OS
  • Add custom files
  • Make stuff execute on boot
  • Subscribe to built-in events
  • Make your own event
  • Built in webserver
  • Socket commands

2014-12-02 Simple examples how to use Steelsquid Kiss OS

  • Raspberry Pi GPIO
  • Combined Power on and Shutdown button
  • Test input (Connect button)
  • Test Output (Connect LED)
  • Connect LCD
  • PiBorg Diable DC motor controller
  • Connect HC-SR04 (Measure distance)
  • 3v3 <-> 5v level converter
  • Connect ADC (Analog To Digital Converter)
  • SparkFun MCP4725 (Digital-to-Analog Convertor)
  • Proto Advantage MCP4728 (Digital-to-Analog Convertor)
  • MCP23017 I2C GPIO Expander
  • Adafruit 16-Channel Servo Driver (PCA9685)
  • Dagu T'Rex Robot/Motor Controller
  • Sabertooth dual 25A motor driver

2014-11-26 Steelsquid Kiss OS
A minimal and optimized version of Raspbian, perfect for your I/O projects.

  • You can easily configure WIFI and other stuff from command line and a web interface.
  • It contains no desktop environment.
  • Easy to extend functionality with python
  • Mount external drives (USB) automatically to /media
  • Mount SSH and windows network drive (smb)
  • Connect to a lot of IO hardware
  • Fast boot, about 10s
  • Low RAM usage (About 30 M)

2014-10-09 4WD Rover
Building a 4WD robot controlled from an Android app. 
Here is a short video, going to write a bit more about it later ...

2014-07-01 Experiment case
Wanted a portable electronics experiment case, So I built one :-)

2014-06-15 Experiment board
This is an experimental board that I built as a birthday gift for my brother.

2013-12-18 Device Monitor
Monitoring and control an old pellet feeder.

2013-01-10 Steelsquidify
A Spotify audio playing device that can be controlled via Bluetooth from your Android phone.
The unit will act as a server so that different Bluetooth devices can connect and control it.
The server part running on Debian Linux. It is written in Python.