My Android projects, most of them dead :-( 

A Spotify audio playing device that can be controlled via Bluetooth from your Android phone.
The unit will act as a server so that different Bluetooth devices can connect and control it.

Tellstick App
Send command to Telldus Tellstick with your Android phone and controll your electronics & ligth.
This is a Android App to connect to Tellstick Server.

Android Utils
A small collection of classes and methods for Android.
There is also some stuff from Class Collection.

Phone Deploy App
This app reads an apk file from a url and then ask you to approve the
installation (do not think it can be done automatically).

Sys Mon App
Android app that monitor a server and displays it in a widget.
Server must generate an XML that describes its status.

Deli Norr App
This is an app for a restaurant in Sundsvall called Deli Norr.
It shows the daily specials in a widget and the week's meals in a window.

Ica Banken App
This app reads account information from ICA Banken (

Entre App
This is an android app for Entre Sundsvall (
Entre carries event information and ticket booking in Sundsvall Sweden.

Gatufesten App
This is an android app for Sundsvalls Gatufest (
Sundsvall Gatufest established in 1987 and is one of Sweden's top three festivals 

Photo Widget App
This app show pictures from facebook on a widget.