Device Monitor

Monitoring and control an old pellet feeder. 
It is only possible to monitor / control two things on the pellet feeder.
  • By opening or closing a circuit, you can start or stop it.
  • If an error occurs, it sends a 24V signal.

List of features
  • Control from a web-interface
  • Turn on and off
  • Se status of device (error or OK).
  • Sound and light warning on error.
  • Send e-mail on error.
  • Connect to wireless network.

  • A 5v micro usb charger (1A)
  • Connect to wired network
  • Connect the on/off bridge to the --OUT-- port
    This is the circuit that cuts/enable the power to the device when you press (Turn off/Turn on) in the web-interface.
  • Connect the warning signal to --IN--
    This is the 24V warning signal from the device.
  • Power on the Device Monitor.
  • Go to http://<ip on lcd>
    User: steelsquid
    Password: raspberry
  • Go to the Notification Eamil and fill in the email address to which you want the alert sent.
  • Under Device Monitor you can check the status (See Web-interface below).
  • To power on and of the Device Monitor you push the red button.
  • A warning signal must be active for at least 10 seconds before Device Moniter react.
    The same applies when the warning stops, it takes 10 seconds for the Device Monitor react.
    This is to filter out noise.
  • When an warning occurs as a signal sounds and the warning light flashes.
  • If you want to mute the sound, press the green "suppress" button.
    You can also press "Suppress alarm sound" in the web interface.
  • If you get a warning and want to power of the monitored unit press "Power off" in the web interface.