Photo Widget App

Have not done anything on this for a long time so it is kind of dead :-(
This app show pictures from facebook on a widget.
Se doc/javadoc/index.html for the java documentation.
My English is not the best, hope you understand.
This project is created in Netbeans 7.
 - Show pictures from facebook on a widget

Default catalogs and files
bin            Binaries and script files.
build          Buld folder (.class files)
build/classes  NetBeans build folder
build/empty    NetBeans create this for some reason
build/web      NetBeans web build folder
dist           Distributable file for this project (jar, war, ear...)
doc            This document, help files and other documents.
doc/javadoc    API documentation in HTML.
doc/licence    Licenses for everything used in this project.
etc            Configuration files.
lib            Jar-files and OS-specific libraries.
libs           AndroidSdk read this jars and add to project
nbproject      Settings for NetBeans
res            Resources file for Android app.
src            Java source code.
sys            Static data. (Example images)
tmp            Temporary files.
var            Variable data (Example database files).
var/log        Log files.
web            Web project source. (jsp, js, css, html...)
build.xml      Build file for Netbeans    Build file for Netbeans

Java 1.5
SteelsquidAndroidUtils (
Jsoup (
Android SDK (

To open this project in netbeans:
  Download and install Android sdk from
  Make all files under tools executable
  Extract to disk and execute tools/android (See
  Select 'Available Packages' and install Android SDK platform-tools, sdk platform Android 1.6.
  Select 'Virtual Devices' and 'New'. Set data below and then create AVD:
        Name: Android_1.6
        Target: Android 1.6.
        SD Card Size: 128MiB
        SDCard: yes
        AudioOutput: yes
        Camera: yes
        TouchScreen: yes
        GPS: yes
  Make all files under platform-tools and platforms/android-4/tools executable
  In Netbeans 'Update Center' add this plugin:
  Then install the Android plugin. (See
  Inside Options/Miscellaneous/Android (/opt/android-sdk-linux_x86)

Install on Android:
  The Android apk file is located under the dist directory (dist/SteelsquidFacebookPhotoWidgetApp.apk)

 - ???

Revision history:
 > 2011-10-28  0.4  Initial release