Have not done anything on this for a long time so it is kind of dead :-(
A Spotify audio playing device that can be controlled via Bluetooth from your Android phone.
The unit will act as a server so that different Bluetooth devices can connect and control it.
The server part running on Debian Linux. It is written in Python.
It probably works on other Linux distributions but I've only tested it on Debian.

This is designed to run on a Raspberry PI. 
The next step is to connect a button to the Raspberry Pi GPIO so that it is possible to enable the pairing.
And also a LCD module to display the Bluetooth PIN.
The client i made for Android (Will be posting it on Google Play soon).

This product uses Music by Spotify but is not endorsed, certified or otherwise approved in any way by Spotify. Spotify is the registered trade mark of the Spotify Group.

Please note that this is only version 0.1, still much to do :-)
Here you can download the code: Google Drive

List of features

  • All controll/configuration is made by sending commands by bluetooth.
  • Set bluetooth password.
  • Configure wifi.
  • Configure Spotify.
  • Search for music on Spotify.
  • Play music on Spotify
  • Add and remove to Spotify playlist


  • Spotify Premium account
  • Android phone (Android 4.0 ICE_CREAM_SANDWICH)
  • Pyspotify (
  • Libspotify (
  • alsa-utils psmisc python-gtk2 bzip2 make alsa-oss python-alsaaudio python-pyalsa bluez python-bluez bluetooth bluez-tools wpasupplicant network-manager python-pip

Usage / Installation

  • Download steelsquid-server installation script
    chmod +x
  • Install steelsquid-server (must run as root)
    sudo ./
    This script downloads the latest version and install to /opt/steelsquidify-server.
    If you dont want to start it at boot add paramater no-boot (sudo ./ no-boot)
  • To start/stop
    sudo /etc/init.d/steelsquidify-server start
    sudo /etc/init.d/steelsquidify-server stop
    With no-boot run: ./, ./, ./
  • Install steelsquidify client, (Will be posting it on Google Play soon)
  • Enable pairing for 2 minutes (pair your phone to server)
    Run ./
    will print the password...
  • Start steelsquidify on your phone and press "select device"
    Select steelsquidify and enter password.
  • Set wifi network if you need to (but you should already have internet connection)
    This is if you run it on a Raspberry PI without monitor...
    Enter Spotify User, Password and press "Save settings"
  • You can now close the settings and use it...


  • Show bluetooth name and password on LED connected to a Raspberry PI
  • Enable pairing from button
  • Browse artist
  • List toplist